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  • Trekking in Nepal
  • Trekking in Nepal
  • Trekking in Nepal
  • Trekking in Nepal
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Welcome to Nepal!

Have you ever dreamed of climbing the mountains of Nepal and admire the sunrise over the Himalayas?
Imagined or relax in the jungle of the Terai starting to meet the Royal Bengal tiger and rhinoceros?
Or hike to the desired Buddhist monasteries Hindu temples to share daily life and spirituality of the monks and Sadhus who live there?
Nepal is a country of amazing natural and cultural diversity where adventure awaits you at the end of each path. It is a land of legends, where we are sure to be able to fully satisfy your dreams and aspirations without any hesitation.
We are dedicated to serving our customers with respect and the protection of the environment. Regularly, we organize programs for the environment; such as educational seminars, cleaning trails, educational sessions for the villagers and schoolchildren of country side etc..

Our Team
        Voyage Himalaya

  Voyage Himalaya is a group of young professional guides, passionate and energetic, with over 20 years experience in the field of tourism.We not only offer many hiking in the   mountains (treks), but also climbing several peaks in altitude (6000m), safaris in the equatorial jungle, visiting the major tourist sites, bird watching in the natural environment, rafting and various program of the flora and fauna in Nepal ,Tibet, Bhutan and India.

  Mr. Khadka Raj  Panta
   Mr. Panta was born in the countryside of Nepal. He is a lover of the  Himalayan flora    and the fauna. He is the main organizer of the  trips  with more than 20 years of experience  in Nepal and in the  Indian  Himalayas. He has trekked all over the Nepal and travelled  from  north to south of India, from Kashmir to Kanya kumari He is  always in search of new hiking  trails offering the best contact with the nature. He is a passionate ornithologist, expert of  wild lives, member of ornithologists' society. He has gathered unforgettable experiences  and memories of hikes during his professional life. He has participated in several trainings  in natural health and numerous levels of environmental education. He speaks Hindi,  English and French.
Mr. Gokarna Khanal

 Mr. Khanal is an experienced nature guide and an ornithologist. He has more than 15  years of experience as a guide in Nepal and in India, in particular the national park of  Chitwan. His specialty is the study of the birds of the South Asia. He is also a member of  ornithologists' society. He has done numerous researches on the various species of birds  and the wild lives in several protected areas of Nepal. He speaks English and Hindi.

 Mr. Ramesh Thakuri

 Ramesh is a hiking as well as climbing guide with 15 years of experience. He led hikes  through all the trekking trails of Nepal and participated in numerous expeditions in the  Everest region, up to peaks of more than 6000m. He likes sharing his passion of  photographing the nature and the climbing.

Ms. Deckyi Tsering Lama

 Tsering, a descendant of Tibetan refugee family, was born and grown up in the West of  Nepal.For last ten years She has been working in tourism sector. When she is not in trek,  she teaches English to the children inside the Tibetan refugee camps. She speaks Nepali,  Tibetan, Hindi, English and French. She likes organizing guided cultural visits and short  hikes with groups of women, and practicing meditation in the Buddhist monasteries.

   Mr. Yubak Raj Paudel

  Yubak is a young, dynamic, intelligent guide speaking  English  fluently.     For six years he has  been guiding based in the  Annapurna & Langtang   regions. He is always curious to learn and eager for discoveries.He holds   a master degree in physics from Tribhuwan University.