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Welcome to Nepal!

Have you ever dreamed of climbing the mountains of Nepal and admire the sunrise over the Himalayas?
Imagined or relax in the jungle of the Terai starting to meet the Royal Bengal tiger and rhinoceros?
Or hike to the desired Buddhist monasteries Hindu temples to share daily life and spirituality of the monks and Sadhus who live there?
Nepal is a country of amazing natural and cultural diversity where adventure awaits you at the end of each path. It is a land of legends, where we are sure to be able to fully satisfy your dreams and aspirations without any hesitation.
We are dedicated to serving our customers with respect and the protection of the environment. Regularly, we organize programs for the environment; such as educational seminars, cleaning trails, educational sessions for the villagers and schoolchildren of country side etc..

Dolpo Trek
Duration: 15 days
Difficulty: medium
Best season: May to September.
Maximum altitude: 5190m.
Accommodation: Tent

It is an extraordinary trek in Nepal. This trek requires a good physical condition and a good experience, but presents no technical difficulty. Dolpo remained isolated for many years, and was banned until 1990 to tourism. This area was recently opened to trekkers. Dolpo still lives with the yak caravans .Dolpo is a land of mystery, scenery and peace.As you can see in the "Himalaya" the film by Eric Valli. Dolpo lies in western Nepal on the border of Tibet, behind the great barrier of the Himalayas (Dhaulagiri 8167m) Monsoon doesn't pass there during the summer. Dolpo trek offers opportunities to visit ancient villages, beautiful Lakes, high passes Buddhist & Bonpo monasteries and also to experience the vast array of wildlife inhabiting in the region, including Mountain Goat, Blue sheep, Wolves and it's home to Snow Leopard.

Program trekking
Day 01: Kathmandu - Nepalgunj (an hour by plane) view of the Annapurna, Manaslu and Dhaulagiri, Night Nepalgunj.

Day 02: Nepalgunj - Jufal (2350m) - Dunai (2150m.)Fly Nepalgunj to Jufal (35-40min. ) 2-3 hours descent to Dunai.Dunai Is the capital of Dolpo .

Day 03: Dunai - Tarakot (2800m) about 5 hours of walking. Follow Bheri river Deep gorges, hanging bridges and isolated villages.

Day 04: Tarakot - Lahini (3200m) 6 hours walk.Crossing a beautiful forest. The famed Sandul  Gompa lies farther east from Tarakot and at the junction of Barbung khola  and Tarup chu Rriver.lots of up and down.

Day05: Lahini - Naure Odar (the cave of blue sheep, 3100m) about 7 hours walking.follow the  Gorge of theTarap River. Narrow path carved on the rock.

Day06: Naure Odar - Dho (4040m) 6-7 hours of walk. Dho Tarap is largest village of the dry  inner Himalayan valley surrounded by an irregular stone wall.Here people are like  Tibetan khapas they wear home spun clothing that is sometimes dyed maroon and they favour Tibetan khampa style somba or dhocha for foot wear. In festival time Both men and women wear religious amulets and strings of turquoise coral and amber .specially women wear musk deer teeth necklaces. There are several  buddhist and bonpo gompas in the valley.

Day 07: Rest at Dho Tarap, Acclimatization.Visit the surrounding villages and Many Bonpo Monasteries.

Day08: Numla Base Camp (4100m). 3-4 hours walk.Steady climbs to Numla base camp

.Day09: Base Camp Numla - Bagla base camp (4200m.) 4-5 hours of walk. The pass of Numla "the neck of the salt" (5190m)) offers Panoramic view of The Tibetan and Nepalese mountains. (The Annapurna and Dhaulagiri) the
trail leads to steep climb all the way to the top ridge of Numa la with beautiful Views of the surrounding landscapes.This is main territory of blue sheep and Snow leopard .We descend to camp by the Poyon Khola.after getting to the top
Of Numa there is steep descend to Bagla base camp.

Day 10: Base Camp Bagala - Bagala pass (5090M) Ringmo (Lake Phoksundo 3600m) 7-8 hour  Walk, which offers great view of the surrounding landscapes and Kanjirowa Himal range. long descent. Phoksundo Lake is final destination of trek.the

Day 11: rest day, it's worth to visit monastery of TESU ( Bonpo) and near by lake there is a village called "Ringmo"This village is inhabited by " Bhote " of Tibetan origin and magars. phoksundo lake is surrounding by big mountains ,the
colour of lake is turquoise blue Dopla local people consider this lake sacred so you are not allowed to swim or bath but walk around the lake ,it's also ,very enjoyable and relaxing.this lake is 4.8 kms long and 650 meters deep.you can
enjoy the beautiful lake, scenic waterfalls, ancient Bonpo monasteries and mind- blowing landscapes

Day 12: Ringmo - Hanke (2660m) 5-6 hours of walking. Descent through forest and Meadows, beautiful Tibetan style village surrounded by fields Mustard,wheat and cannabis.

Day 13: Hanke - Dunai (2150m) 5 hours walking. Visit the village of Rohagaon ,2970m.A nice little Buddhist monastery. The caravans of goats and Yaks returning from Tibet loaded with sacks of salt.

Day 14: Dunai -Jufal (2353m) about 4 hours of walk,good climb.

Day 15: Juphal - Nepalganj - Kathmandu, by plane.